Laura DeDonato's privately-

commissioned architectural acrylic painting, "238 Marlborough Street," is a great example of her artistic sensitivity combined with stylist strength and control. Qualities she brings to all aspects of her work.


John Roman Illustration Associates

Irena is an award-winning watercolorist as well as artistic advisor and assistant to John, her husband. Irena's unique and strong sense of color theory finds its expression in all of John's works, and when deadlines are tight, she steps in to personally tackle any digital coloring and/or digital watercolor overlays to John's base line art. See Irena's amazing watercolor paintings at:

Laura is a Boston-based mural artist as well as an accomplished painter and illustrator. Her expert rendering skills are utilized in assisting  John Roman with various projects from conception to final art. Laura handles annual updates and revisions to maps originally completed by John, and she's developed a knack for replicating his style and technique to maintain continuity of ​the existing work. 

See Laura's art:



Irena Roman's award-winning watercolor, "Connected by Shadows," displays her mastery of color theory, a talent John taps into for consultation on his own illustration assignments. 

​​Chris McCusker's creative use of graphic icons helps viewers of John's Southern Connecticut

State University campus map easily navigate the site.


Nick is an asset to John Roman Illustration having both a graphic design and an illustration background. With over fifteen years of college-related design experience, he has  the ability to understand an institution's needs in all ranges of a campus map's applications, from print to web to signage. Edlund's labeling work is as detailed and carefully-designed as John's map renderings. See Nick's work:

Chris has many years of marketing and design experience as well as a strong sense of design that John relies on when carrying his illustrated maps to the next level of visual communication. Chris's graphic sense is at its best when adapting  John's maps into self-guided walking tour brochures or campus visitor's guides. McCusker's varied design talents can be seen on his website:

Nick Edlund's carefully-crafted labeling graphics applied to John's illustrated map for Adrian College.